Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Vancouver Sun holds Q & A with Archbishop Miller

Prelate dishes on favourite food, music, & Easter
Archbishop Miller pictured outside Holy Rosary Cathedral. (Photo credit: Jason Payne / PNG)
The Vancouver Sun spoke to Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB, for the April 19 issue. The prelate gave answers on Jesus, Mary, death, and love.
Question: Does anything bother you about Metro Vancouver? 
Answer: How about the old complaint about too much rain and darkness in the winter? 
Question: Since it is Easter, can you tell us about what the suffering and death of Jesus Christ means to you? 
Answer: Easter itself is about life. The feast of risen life, of new life; the feast of hope and of triumph. Good Friday, a necessary prelude, is full of tragedy. It is not Christ’s suffering per se that is salvific; it is that he paid the price of ultimate faithfulness to his mission. Suffering was the cost. Certainly it reminds me that evil was — and is — a reality in our world. But, even more important, is the fact that love is stronger than death, that evil has been overcome, though we shall not fully realize that until the world as we know it has passed away. 
Read the entire interview here.

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