Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Egypt's Christians worry they could be martyred anytime

Slaughter of 28 Coptic pilgrims brings fear and anger

Father Rafic Greiche told Catholic News Service that Christians in Egypt are "getting this idea that we could be a martyr at any moment."

This after an attack on Christian pilgrims on a bus May 26. At least 28 died and another 25 were injured. Coptic Catholic Abouna Beshoi Yasa Annis said his parish has cancelled one trip and the plans for many other summer trips and pilgrimages are now up in the air. "They are in despair," he said. More from The Catholic Register here.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

'Love Is' coming as music to Vancouver

Musician Joe Zambon to perform with dance duo Project Pursuit

Joe Zambon will be playing at Rosary Hall, May 21.
Canadian folk singer Joe Zambon will be making a stop in Vancouver for his show tour across Canada and the U.S. Zambon will perform alongside hip-hop dance duo Project Pursuit, May 21.

Zambon is a self-taught musician who was born with webbed fingers. However, he requested his fingers separated at three years of age because he wanted "to play piano". After two surgeries, his fingers were separated, and he began his music career.

Project Pursuit are comprised of a local dance duo who performed at a youth festival in Krakow last summer at World Youth Day 2016. The two women represented Canada, dancing to music by many Canadian artists.

The event begins at 2 p.m. at Holy Rosary Cathedral in Rosary Hall, 646 Richards Street. Admission is free, though donations are accepted.

For more information, click here or visit the event page.

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