Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mobile billboard hits Vancouver streets

Project includes images of abortion victims
A former ambulance is covered with images of abortion victims as part of a
campaign by the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform. (Photo submitted)
The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform posted images of living and aborted unborn children on a former ambulance as part of a controversial public awareness campaign. Executive director Stephanie Gray explained:
"We aim to prick the conscience of the public so that in seeing the humanity of the pre-born, and the inhumane nature of abortion, people will reject a procedure that dismembers and decapitates the youngest amongst us."
The ambulance is touring streets in the Lower Mainland.


  1. In New Brunswick, the announced closure of the Morgentaler clinic has created a backlash with protests demanding the government fund what the pro-choice movement is calling women's reprodutive rights.
    Maybe this vehicle should be driven across Canada this summer and be brought to Fredericton in support of the pro-life movement here.


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