Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Religious freedom is in jeopardy, professor says

Douglas Farrow affirms human dignity
Professor Farrow spoke to a group of health professionals about the importance
of speaking up for one's faith. "We already see a question arising as to whether
religious freedom is a fundamental right,” he said. (Photo: CCN)
McGill University Professor Douglas Farrow urged a gathering of Ottawa health professionals to be unafraid to talk about God in the public square. Deborah Gyapong reports:
Christians must also be willing to risk civil disobedience and suffer its consequences as western society lapses into denial of objective truth – a denial that stems from losing the connection between morality and faith.

“Governments and NGOs in Europe and the Americas are almost routinely demanding that Catholics accommodate themselves to things that are morally unacceptable,” said the professor of Christian Thought.

At an event sponsored by the Ottawa Catholic Physicians’ Guild, Farrow said the Christian notion of freedom is “in great jeopardy.” He described the “Age of Denial” in which many do not wish to be reminded, or do not want to know the objective truth about man and about God.

For full story, see The B.C. Catholic website.

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