Tuesday, March 5, 2013

'Coffeehouse' captivates Catholic crowd

Talented young adults perform at CCO event
Olivier Coutant (left), Mana Rengifo, Adam French, Chris Verhagen,
and Jon Deuling sing Deuling's original song "Pears" at the CCO
Coffeehouse Feb 8. (Photo: John Ray Catingub / The B.C. Catholic)
Catholic Christian Outreach's Coffeehouse event was created to build community and provide a safe environment to discuss Christianity. John Ray Catingub reports on the third annual Coffeehouse event in the archdiocese.
Amber Zolc, a CCO missionary in Vancouver for the last decade, described Coffeehouse as a "fun, welcoming, and comfortable place for faithful students to bring their friends to," that "gives people an opportunity to bring new people into the community."

Zolc said it's "really a social event where we hope that relationships can be forged that might lead to future opportunities to proclaim Jesus. In order for any kind of evangelizing to happen we need to develop rapport and trust. We need to earn the right to be heard and to influence one another."
For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

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