Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Torontonian Cardinal came from modest roots

Prelate 'incredibly well known and appreciated' in home town of Guelph

Cardinal Thomas Collins of Toronto shakes hands with the Holy Father at the Vatican.
Photo Archdiocese of Toronto.
Toronto's top clergyman will be coming to Vancouver Jan. 24 for the annual Red Mass, specifically for the archdiocese's Catholic judges, lawyers, and paralegals. The Catholic Register's Michael Swan provides Cardinal Collins's biography:
Cardinal Thomas Collins is the first bishop to ever emerge from Guelph, the first archbishop ever born in Guelph, and now the first cardinal to have called Guelph home. 
The Guelph Mercury's managing editor, Phil Andrews, considers Cardinal Collins more than just newsworthy. 
"It's incredibly significant. He's incredibly well known and appreciated," said Andrews. 
Over the years Guelph has produced Olympic athletes and Stanley Cup winners, but nothing really compares with a cardinal, according to Andrews.
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