Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pray for bin Laden?

Florida parishioner requests prayer for deceased al-Qaida leader

In the same state where a pastor burned the Qur'an, a Catholic parish is praying for Osama Bin Laden.

Florida parishioner Henry Borga added bin Laden's name to the list of prayer requests for next Sunday's Mass at the Holy Name of Jesus Parish in West Palm Beach.

Father Gavin Badway admits that accepting the request is controversial, but it will remain in the prayers.

"Their hearts are troubled because they're thinking emotionally about what he has done and he has done a lot of evil," he said. "Nevertheless, Jesus tells us, love and forgive."

There has been an ongoing discussion in the U.S. and elsewhere on how to appropriately react to bin Laden's death.

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  1. I'm very happy to hear this, as I have found a lot of the jubilant reaction to his death very unsettling. Regardless of his actions, every human life has equal value and is loved by God.


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