Friday, May 20, 2011

"Go North!"

Missions and service in one of Canada's northernmost dioceses
Cover image of the May 23 special "Northern" supplement of The B.C. Catholic

The upcoming May 23 issue of The B.C. Catholic features a special section on Bishop Gary Gordon's initiatives in the Diocese of Whitehorse.

Read about:
  • The Holy Family Apostolate, “a discernment process to help families discover what God is calling them.
Andrea Lefebvre, a Holy Family Apostolate member says: “Hearing his whole vision of bringing families up to the north, I became open to it. I thought, ‘That is the kind of vision my husband would do,’ and it became suddenly interesting to me as well.”
This section also features:
  • Five young adults from the Vancouver archdiocese take a 43-hour bus ride to the north for a mission outreach in the Diocese of Whitehorse and other areas of northern B.C.
  • A Polish Oblate priest travels to Nunavut for a two-year mission:
"When I arrived in Igloolik I didn’t speak any English or Inuktitut. I went to elementary school and sat there with the rest of the class learning English," remembers Father Daniel Szwarc. The complete text of the interview is available at

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