Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pro-life display will test free speech at UBC

Freedom of speech at Carleton University in Ottawa
Later today, Thursday March 10, a controversial pro-life exhibit will test UBC’s commitment to free speech and to the rule of law.

Students with the campus club Lifeline will set up the “Genocide Awareness Project” display, using large colour photos to compare abortion to various historical genocides. 

Lawyer John Carpay argues that if UBC truly is committed to free speech, it will not tolerate behaviour that attempts to shut down the display, as has happened at many other universities:


  1. See the following link for an interesting article on graphic abortion photos

    Let's remember that as Catholics the battle for life is a spiritual battle in which prayer and penance should be the most important tool.

  2. I am Pro-noreligion at all on my campus. I find your opinions repulsive. Unless of course while telling women what they should do you also tell them to get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich in which case maybe we can talk.

    Until then I'd hope that you keep your inflammatory messages off of UBC grounds.

  3. Hey Anonymous, (I mean the fir the 2nd comment). I don't follow what you're saying. it looks like you need more practice with your grammar. Are you non-religious, or Pro-non? And if comments are inflammatory, what about your comments then? Are they not inflammatory? or are you one of those who believes in "freedom of speech" but don't believe in freedom of speech for those you don't support?

  4. Re: Freedom of Speech and Busy Catholic Rules for Commenting

    The Busy Catholic rules for commenting, especialy the rule that says, "Discussion should take place primarily from a faith perspective," certainly limits my freedom of speech.


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