Monday, October 4, 2010

Shame on Carleton University

Five arrests took place at Carleton University Monday morning after students with Carleton Lifeline tried to set up a pro-life display. The university had offered them a room and a display table but their photos were not allowed in the quadrangle where they would be the most visible.

The students said they would not tolerate censorship and walked to Tory Quad with their signs. They were stopped by authorities -- at least 3 campus security personnel and at least nine police officers, said the students. Four Carleton students and one Queen's student were eventually handcuffed and arrested by Ottawa police and charged with trespass. You can watch the entire scene unfold here.

Club vice-president James Shaw said, "Telling us we can protest but in a back room no one goes to, is like telling black people they are welcome to ride the bus as long as they sit at the back."

Campaign Life Coalition issued a statement objecting to the arrests. "Universities which have always prided themselves as being institutions of free thought have now become facilities where only the most liberal thoughts are allowed to be presented," said Jim Hughes.

CLC hopes the public will contact the dean of the University and demand that the students be released and that their display be given the same respect as other topics at the University.

Dr. Roseann O’Reilly Runte
President and Vice-Chancellor
Tel: 613 520-3801

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