Friday, May 22, 2015

Missionaries arrive at 10 Vancouver parishes

Young people from Victoria to Halifax team up and spread across the city to work on evangelization
Five Impact team members meet Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB, OYYAM's Gerard Garcia (left) and Kyle Neilson, director of the Adult Evangelization and Discipleship Office (back row, right) days before starting their summer mission. Agnieszka Krawczynski / The B.C. Catholic.
School is out for most Canadian university students, and for 40 of them, summer plans revolve entirely around evangelizing. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Also newly posted:

Iraqi Christians have lost everything except their faith, nun says
Displaced Iraqi children stand in a classroom of a school used as a shelter in the city of Ramadi April 11. Educating children is the best way to help displaced Iraqi Christians recover from the traumatic experience of being chased from their homes by Islamic State militants, said Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster after an April 11-12 visit to Irbil. CNS photo / Reuters.
Having lost their homes, their heritage, and their sense of dignity, Iraqi Christians victimized by the Islamic State feel abandoned by earthly powers, but their faith in God has only grown, an Iraqi nun told members of Congress May 13. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Revised religious ed curriculum approved
Students listen as their principal welcomes them back to class at a Catholic school in Arizona. More than 1.9 million students in the U.S. attend Catholic schools. CNS photo / Nancy Wiechec.
For the first time in 20 years, 6- and 7-year-olds are getting new religion textbooks, their teachers are getting new lesson plans, and parents are getting new ways of helping kids in religion class. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Women Rising Bursary to be awarded for the first time

New funds to help exploited women return to school
Women pray during a sunrise service July 24 during the 75th annual Tekakwitha Conference in Fargo, N.D. The Catholic Native American gathering, held July 23-27, drew 750 people from 35 states and Canada representing 135 indigenous tribes. CNS photo / Nancy Wiechec.
Native women who have suffered sexual exploitation can now apply for financial help to go back to school. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Also newly posted:

Pope Francis to parents: Come out of 'exile' and educate your children
Pope Francis, right, reaches for the hand of an older person during the pope's general audience in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican May 20. CNS photo / Paul Haring.
In his general audience Pope Francis spoke of the essential role parents play in educating their children, a role he said has been usurped by so-called experts who have taken the place of parents and rendered them fearful of making any correction. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Operation Rescue changes tactics to target abortionists
Operation Rescue head Troy Newman spoke to the 2015 March for Life Youth Conference May 15 in Ottawa. Deborah Gyapong (CCN).
Operation Rescue has changed tactics so that instead of its members going to jail for civil disobedience, it is putting abortionists in jail and closing abortion mills, said leader Troy Newman. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Vancouver faithful share memories of Bishop Ray


Holy Rosary Cathedral hosts memorial Mass for Archbishop Raymond Roussin, SM, after his funeral
Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB, said Bishop Ray "spared no effort and no suffering for Jesus," during his homily at Holy Rosary Cathedral May 8. Agnieszka Krawczynski / The B.C. Catholic.
Hundreds filed into Holy Rosary Cathedral to honour the former Archbishop of Vancouver. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Also newly posted:

Order of Malta provides medical help to migrants
An Order of Malta volunteer, one of 4,300 stationed in southern Italy, prepares to receive migrants. Photos submitted.
A lay religious order is providing medical assistance at sea to thousands of migrants leaving northern Africa for southern Italy, The Order of St. John of Jerusalem, commonly known as the Order of Malta, has stationed 4,300 medical volunteers in Italian ports, including Naples and cities in the southernmost part of the Italian "boot," across Sicily, and on the small island of Lampedusa, 330 km east of Tunisia. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Deacon to join priestly fraternity

Father Goo will then serve at Christ the Redeemer Parish
In 2011, Deacon Goo walked across Canada for Crossroads, a pro-life organization. He will be ordained a priest May 23. BCC file photo.
A former Amazon employee awaits ordination. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Also newly posted:

'Genocide' of China's one-child policy endures, activists say
A boy cries as his father walks him to kindergarten in Beijing. CNS photo / Jason Lee, Reuters.
Human rights advocates told a congressional commission of the "terrifying" practices of China's coercive one-child policy and lamented forced abortion as a crime against humanity. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

World awaits papal call to action on environment
Adelie penguins gather at the base of a memorial at Mawson's Hut in Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica. No word has emerged on when Pope Francis's climate change and environmental degradation encyclical will appear in 2015. CNS photo / Dean Lewins, EPA.
Encyclicals are important for Catholics. Our theologians study them. Our pastors preach them. Sometimes we even read them. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Friday, May 15, 2015

L'Arche founder to gain Templeton award

Jean Vanier will receive $2.1 million for his work with intellectually disabled people
Jean Vanier.
This year, a prolific writer and theologian will be honoured at a prestigious ceremony at St. Martin-in-the-Fields in London May 18.
"To become fully human is to let down the barriers, to open up and discover that every person is beautiful," Jean Vanier said in a statement.

Vanier convinced two mentally disabled men to live with him in a French village, Trosly-Breuil, 95 kilometres north of Paris, in the 1960s. "For many years these wonderful people were seen as 'errors,' or as the fruit of evil committed by their parents or ancestors," Vanier said. Many disabled children were "terribly humiliated and rejected."
He went on to found L'Arche, an organization that is now active in 35 countries. A full video of the award ceremony will be available starting May 19. Videos of Jean Vanier answering several "big questions" are viewable here.

Local Iraqis show solidarity with persecuted Christians

All Saints Parish hosts fundraiser for humanitarian relief efforts
Sahar Najeb (left), Maryam Balyos, and Anas Sabah Sahyoon pose in traditional garb.
Agnieszka Krawczynski / The B.C. Catholic.
Immigrants and parishioners have raised at least $18,000 after a benefit dinner May 9 to support Iraqis living under ISIS threat.
"Our beloved Iraq is currently going through a terrible crisis where acts of genocide, displacement, agony, and loss are a daily occurrence," said Sahar Najeb, who left Iraq in 2009.

"Tonight we have come together as a show of solidarity."
The profits from the banquet will go to the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace to fund efforts including shelter upgrades and water, sanitation and hygiene. Read more here.

Catechism pupils hold art show for charity

Our Lady of Lourdes PREP students raise $1,185 for Chalice
Catechism students Theodore Precourt, Graham Sarte, Tammy Korosec, Sabrina Quek, and Brandon Wan sing about the 10 Commandents at an art show at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish March 29. Alistair Burns / The B.C. Catholic.
A student who made a withdrawal from his piggy bank to help the poorest of the poor has provided a clear example of stewardship. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Also newly posted:

Nigerian Christians have been persecuted for years
A victim of a bomb blast at UN offices in the Nigerian city of Abuja is loaded into an ambulance Aug. 26 after a car rammed into the building. CNS photo / Afolabi Sotunde, Reuters.
A Nigerian bishop who has been in the news for years in connection with the suffering of his people at the hands of Boko Haram terrorists has recently drawn a lot more attention with his talk of a vision of Christ. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

National March for Life gets one of its highest turnouts
Toronto Cardinal Thomas Collins praised the prayerful witness against the evil of abortion and mentioned the new threats to those at end of life from the "Culture of Death." Deborah Gyapong (CCN)
About a half dozen half-naked women tried to disrupt the National March for Life here May 14, disrobing and screaming while prolife politicians addressed thousands on Parliament Hill. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bereavement Day May 17

Helpline to host yearly dove release
Photo submitted to BCC.
A flock of doves will be sent skyward at Mountain View Cemetery during an annual event for those coping with the loss of a loved one. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Also newly posted:

Pope has phrases that help family solidarity
Pope Francis prays in front of a statue of Our Lady of Fatima during his general audience in St. Peter's Square. The statue, which was present for the May 13 feast of Our Lady of Fatima, is a copy of the original in Fatima, Portugal. CNS photo / L'Osservatore Romano, pool.
In his general audience Pope Francis focused on the concrete challenges families face in daily life, and said that simply remembering to be grateful and to apologize can go a long way in avoiding conflict. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Youth Bible study groups reveal ignorance

Mike Landry (far right) leads a Bible study discussion at St. Peter the Apostle Catholic High School in Spruce Grove. Thandiwe Konguavi / Western Catholic Reporter / (CCN).
When students walk into Lorne Zelyck's Introduction to the Bible class at the University of Alberta's St. Joseph's College, he can quickly tell the difference between a young person who has had Bible reading fostered in their life and one who has not. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Youth Day 2015 attracts 400 students

Young people motivated to hone their God-given gifts
Teens join in James Borkowski's session. The archdiocese's annual Youth Day drew 400 teens to Archbishop Carney High School May 2. Alistair Burns / The B.C. Catholic.
A short, short time ago, in a city not far, far away, 400 students reinvigorated their faith at the annual Archdiocese of Vancouver's Youth Day. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Also newly posted:

Cardinal Pell expects synod on family to uphold traditional doctrine
Cardinal George Pell told the Rome Life Forum May 9 Church teaching on marriage will not change and cannot change. Deborah Gyapong (CCN).
Cardinal George Pell told a gathering of international prolife leaders May 9 he expected the upcoming synod on the family in October to uphold traditional Church teaching. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Houston Texans draft Vancouver College grad
Christian Covington, a Rice University defensive tackle, sacks Texas A&M quarterback Johnny "Football" Manziel. Tommy Lavergne / Rice Athletics Communications / Alistair Burns / The B.C. Catholic.
A Canadian who played college football at Rice University in Houston, Tex., has been selected in the 2015 NFL entry draft. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Archbishop to ordain four deacons

Men expect to eventually become priests

Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB, will ordain Davide Lanzani (left) Larry Lynn, Mark McGuckin, and Lucio Choi to the transitional diaconate May 15 in Holy Rosary Cathedral.
Four men on the path to the priesthood are about to become deacons. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Also newly posted:

March for Life in Rome draws 40,000 participants
Tens of thousands of pro-life demonstrators took part in the third annual national March for Life in Rome in 2013. CNS photo / Robert Duncan.
One of tens of thousands of people to take to the streets of Rome for this year's March for Life, Mary Rathke is living proof that those conceived in rape deserve life, and not abortion. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Group appeals for donations for Nepal
A woman places flowers on a memorial May 7 for those who died in the April 25 earthquake in Nepal. Narendra Shrestha / EPA / CNS.
Local Catholics are being called on to help victims struggling to cope with the effects of a devastating earthquake in Nepal. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Knights to open ultrasound clinic in B.C.

104th state convention includes cheques to each diocese for vocations
Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB, presents the award for District Deputy of the Year to Knight of Columbus Wladek Olesiak (far right) with wife Zofia (second from right). Alistair Burns / The B.C. Catholic.
The outgoing head of an order of 11,400 Catholic gentlemen in B.C. and the Yukon announced a watershed moment for the promotion of life. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Also newly posted:

Ireland prepares for marriage referendum
Irish Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin arrives for the morning session of the extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the family at the Vatican Oct. 8. CNS photo / Paul Haring.
Both Pope Francis's clear affirmation of marriage as a union of a man and a woman and his efforts to reach out to those who reject this are vital for Christians in the gay marriage debate, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin said on May 6. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Aboriginal woman talks about murdered daughter
Pauline Muskego
The grief and trauma experienced by families of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls was poignantly described during a church event held recently in Saskatoon. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Bishop's family recalls 'humble shepherd of the Lord'

Gerry Roussin remembers his older brother, who left Manitoba to dedicate himself to a life of service
In this 2004 file photo, the Roussin family gather for Archbishop Roussin's installation in Vancouver, from left: the archbishop's brother Gerry, his wife Diane, the archbishop's sister Lucille, her husband Patrick Lang. BCC file photo.
Archbishop Emeritus Raymond Roussin, SM, kept close to his family, and his legacy is one of faith and witness. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Also newly posted:

Doctors praise reversal kit for abortion drug RU-486
Father Frank Pavone, director of Priests for Life in the U.S., poses with Chris Caicedo, Andrea Minichini, and their son Gabriel Caicedo after a news conference at the National Press Club in Washington Feb. 23. Priests for Life / CNS.
Distressed women who take abortion drug RU-486 and change their minds have a chance to save their unborn babies, according to a group of U.S. doctors. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Pharmacist prescribes ethical infertility treatment

Couples who want children and can't seem to get pregnant need a cure, not in-vitro fertilization, says pharmacist Maria Bizecki. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Late archbishop remembered as courageous leader

Archbishop Raymond Roussin carried crosses of closing a diocese, financial strife, and illness
Archbishop Raymond Roussin, SM, gives a lesson to children at St. Patrick's Elementary School in 2006. He was the head of the Vancouver archdiocese from 2004 until he retired in 2009. BCC file photo.
The Marianist Archbishop of Vancouver from 2004 to 2009 has died at age 75. For full story
 see The B.C. Catholic website.

Also newly posted:

Pope says marriage is a participation in the Church's mission
Pope Francis smiles as he plays with a basketball next to a members of the Harlem Globetrotters basketball team during his weekly audience in St. Peter's Square May 6. CNS photo / L'Osservatore Romano via Reuters.
Marriage is more than the wedding ceremony, the flowers, the dress, the photos, Pope Francis said in his weekly general audience: it is a participation in the Church's mission. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

ARPA seeks true abortion stats

A sign and small wooden crosses with U.S. flags are seen in a field near Jesus the Divine Word Church in Huntington, Md., in 2011, for Respect Life Month. A similar display was placed in front of the Ontario legislature. CNS photo / Bob Roller.
With 100,000 pink and blue flags littered across the front lawn of Queen's Park representing Canada's annual abortion toll, a blogger and a Protestant civil rights organization announced a constitutional challenge to Ontario freedom of information laws that keep all abortion statistics secret. For full story
 see The B.C. Catholic website.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Kick off your Sunday shoes at Notre Dame!

1980s musical Footloose to grace Vancouver high school stage
Notre Dame students prepare to channel their inner Kenny Loggins.
(Photo submitted)
What happens when you combine eager drama students with a villainous preacher who hates dancing? Footloose!

The musical about an outsider from Chicago who moves to a small midwestern town starts May 6 at Notre Dame Regional Secondary School. Show times are as follows:

May 6: 7:30 p.m.
May 7: 12:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
May 8 & 9: 7:30 p.m.

Tickets are $15. For tickets, contact Catrina Centanni, 604-255-5454.

Vatican releases Jubilee of Mercy logo and motto

Image of Good Shepherd unveiled at press conference
The Jubilee of Mercy logo features Christ carrying a lost soul back to the Father.
(Vatican handout) 
Now available for curious Catholics: the logo and motto for the upcoming Jubilee of Mercy which will start Dec 8.. The logo was displayed for the first time May 5, along with the motto, "Merciful Like The Father."

For more on the Jubilee of Mercy, only the 30th jubilee year in the Church's history, click here.

Archdiocesan office offers youth scholarships

Two $500 prizes are available for post-secondary education
A group of youngsters watch the Men in Black soccer game at Archbishop Carney Regional High School May 2.
(Alistair Burns / The B.C. Catholic)
Perhaps one of the students above will win one of the Youth and Youth Adult Ministry (OYYAM) scholarship. Two $500 prizes are up for grabs but you only have until May 15 to apply.

In order to apply, you must fulfill the following criteria:

1.  A practicing Catholic in Grade 12.
2.  Live in the Archdiocese of Vancouver.
3.  Participate in your parish and/or archdiocesan youth ministry.

Have all of those checked off? If your answer is "Yes," then for more details, click here.

Memorial Mass to be said for Archbishop Roussin

Vancouver's Holy Rosary Cathedral to be the site for prayer
Graham Osborne / Special to The B.C. Catholic.
In a communique to the people of Vancouver, Pope Francis recalled with gratitude the service of Archbishop Raymond Roussin, SM, to God's people. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Also newly posted:

Belgian euthanasia rates rise: report
An aerial view shows visitors looking at the Tower of London's poppy installation in London Nov. 4. Poppies are a symbol of Flanders, Belgium, where they grow "row on row" between the rows of the dead in the Second World War. CNS photo / Hannah McKay, EPA.
Flanders, Belgium, has surpassed the Netherlands in its rate of euthanasia. A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows 4.6 per cent of all people whose lives ended in Flanders in 2013 died by euthanasia. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Campaign to focus on assisted suicide

Angela Franks says the contraceptive culture treats female fertility as a problem, rather than a fact. Now the culture is seeing the trials of old age and illness as a problem rather than an opportunity for personal growth and to do good. Deborah Gyapong / CCN.
A second wave of postcards about assisted suicide may be on its way to government, thanks to a campaign promoted by the country's bishops. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Prelate, born in 1939, dies in 2015
"My dream is that all of us, in our schools, parishes, and institutions, will continue to invite Christ to the heart of our lives. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Also newly posted:

MaterCare to sponsor another Rome conference
Archbishop Zygmunt Zimowski, president of the Pontifical Council for Health Care Ministry, greets attendees at a 2011 international conference on women's health care and the dignity of motherhood sponsored by MaterCare International. CNS photo / Paul Haring.
Physicians from around the world are preparing to meet in Rome over the right to act according to their consciences. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Euthanasia and assisted suicide consultations to start soon
Justice Minister Peter MacKay.
As the federal government is poised to begin consultations on euthanasia and assisted suicide legislation, various pro-life individuals and anti-euthanasia groups are staking out their positions. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Student purifies heart in honest confession

Shelly Clemente sheds tears, goes on emotional roller coaster during unforgettable evening

David Mora Perea, a youth ministry coordinator at St. Joseph's Parish in Mission, shares his testimony March 13. Derek Juneson / Special to The B.C. Catholic.
Is sharing your innermost and darkest secrets with someone you have just met on your list of to-do's? Probably not, especially if would rather hide your mistakes instead of seeking forgiveness. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Also newly posted:

God has not abandoned us, bishop says after volcano eruption
The lava flow from the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii is seen crossing a road in this October 2014 photo. Now Mount Calbuco in Chile is erupting. CNS photo / Reuters.
Facing devastation from the unexpected eruption of the Calbuco volcano in southern Chile, Archbishop Cristian Caro of Puerto Montt, one of the areas at risk, reminded the faithful not to lose hope. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Sun News fades to black
Faith Goldy and Ezra Levant were commentators for the network.
Sun News Network went off the air Feb. 13. The fledgling network had broadcast for almost four years, giving Canadians a different perspective on the news. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Friday, May 1, 2015

PREP teacher races to raise funds

Marivic Cregan will run marathon for Domestic Abuse Services
Marivic Cregan, seen at the 2014 Vancouver Rock 'n' Roll half marathon, will lace up for the BMO Vancouver marathon May 3. "I couldn't even run for 30 seconds," she recalled of her first day of training in 2006. Richard Prill / Special to The B.C. Catholic.
A PREP coordinator at Our Lady of Mercy Parish in Burnaby is running to raise money. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Also newly posted:

Antoni Gaudi's basilica inspires conversions
An interior view of the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain, taken in 2012. CNS photo / Albert Gea, Reuters.
Though the renowned Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi died nearly 90 years ago and his best-known work remains under construction, the beauty of the Sagrada Familia basilica continues to draw people to Christ. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Mexican mother testifies on Hill about 43 'disappeared' students
The caravan stopped at the Quebec National Assembly where they displayed pictures of the missing students. Deborah Gyapong (CCN).
The mother of one of 43 students who disappeared from a teacher-training college in Ayotzinapa, Mexico, testified April 28 on Parliament Hill about widespread human rights abuses in Mexico. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

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