Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Pope says it is too early to judge President Trump

He tells reporters jumping to conclusions is unwise
Pope Francis talks to El Pais. (El Pais)
The Pope who has become famous for his words "who am I to judge?" is not judging the new president of the United States just yet.
"I think that we must wait and see. I don’t like to get ahead of myself, nor to judge people prematurely. We will see how he acts, what he does, and then I will form an opinion."
Pope Francis sat down for an interview with Spanish daily El Pais on Jan. 20, the day Donald Trump was sworn into office.
"Being afraid or rejoicing beforehand because of something that might happen is, in my view, quite unwise. It would be like prophets predicting calamities or windfalls that will not come to pass. We will see what he does and will judge accordingly."

Reporters asked him about a variety of other topics, too, including the refugee crisis, Vatican relations with China, and a promise Pope Francis made 25 years ago to stop watching television. Read it all here.

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