Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Solar power popemobile not a bright idea

Pontif looking for trade-in or best offer

When looking for a new car, many people try to balance style, safety, and fuel efficiency, and Pope Benedict XVI is no different.

Mercedes-Benz is developing a new custom hybrid vehicle which will contain a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for cruising and waving to the faithful, as well as a gas engine for higher speeds.

The Pope was reportedly interested in having a completely solar-powered popemobile, but the plan was deemed unsafe in the event of an emergency, if the pontiff needs to make a quick exit.

The current popemobile, a modified Mercedes-Benz ML430, costs approximately $552,000 (CAD)

Click the link for a list of the top 10 popemobiles.

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  1. I think security is the most important factor to consider for the Pope's vehicle. Although it may be more environmentally-friendly, we can't risk his safety.


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