Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Riots and life lessons

Riot the ultimate "teachable moment" 
Leanne Hurley with five young Canucks fans

When the post-hockey game rioting broke out in the centre of Vancouver, everyone was shocked, including teacher Leanne Hurley who had attended the game.

In the aftermath, Hurley and her fellow teachers at St. Joseph's Elementary are using the fallout to teach students some life lessons about actions and consequences.

"We're talking about 'mob mentality' and how your life can change forever from one decision made in the heat of the moment. Irresponsible actions reflect on yourself, your family, and your school community."

The time is now, Hurley advises parents and teachers, to sit down with children to share their reactions to the riot. "It's the ultimate 'teachable moment.'"

Read the full story in an upcoming edition of The B.C. Catholic.

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