Monday, June 20, 2011

Do Androids pray electric rosaries?

Catholic app maker broadens their smartphone market

The famous Confession: Roman Catholic App is now available for the Android phone market.

The app was created by Little i Apps, which makes mobile applications "with a Catholic twist," and is part of their eVotions series of applications.

The company says their prayer applications are designed for "tech savvy Catholics," and are loaded with image galleries, streaming videos, and push notifications for praying novenas.

They also have common prayers, introductions by well known Catholics, and writings on the tradition and histories of the saints and blesseds.


  1. Nice headline.

    Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? = Blade Runner

  2. I'm one of the guys from Little i Apps. I want to make a quick correction to the story. Confession: A Roman Catholic App is not part of our eVotions series. eVotions are our attempt at digital devotionals with each eVotion dedicated to a particular saint or blessed. We've released Blessed John Paul II, St. Gianna, and St. Joseph (with St. Philomena, St. Francis, and St. Michael coming soon). Each eVotions app includes prayers, videos, history, traditions, and a novena with reminders built in so you don't forget to pray everyday of your novena. Both Confession and our eVotions series are available on iPhone and Android devices. We've got some other great Catholic apps in the works and a major update to Confession coming soon. Follow us on twitter @littleiapps or facebook to keep up to date with our news.


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