Tuesday, February 21, 2017

What happened to Roe?

Woman involved in Roe v. Wade died Saturday
Norma McCorvey. (Photo)
Norma McCorvey, the Jane Roe behind the landmark pro-abortion case in the U.S., died Feb. 18. So why are pro-lifers mourning her death?

Opinion writer Melissa Clement explains:

"As I sat listening to Miss Norma, I was overwhelmed with the burden she carried.
She told her story of meeting with Sarah Weddington and the other attorneys, the Roe v Wade decision, her coming out as Roe, her strident advocacy for the legalization and normalization of abortion, her conversion to seeing the humanity of the unborn caused by the patient and loving efforts of young pro-lifers, her acceptance of Christ and her lifetime efforts to reverse a Supreme Court decision that she felt she caused."
Read the full opinion piece here.

For more about McCorvey's conversion check out this article by the Catholic News Agency.

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