Wednesday, July 20, 2016

WYD Trek: TNG -- Day 3 preview

On the tracks to Gdańsk (gəˈdänsk, -ˈdansk)

 Clockwise from top: View of Central Gdańsk and Main City Hall; Neptune's Fountain in Long
Market Street; (centre: the maiden in the window); Third Millennium John Paul Ⅱ Bridge;
Neptune's Fountain in front of Artus Court; Old Town and Motława River at night.
(Credit:, Michał Słupczewski)

Today promises to be a slow day as our group of pilgrims will be spending a large portion of it travelling from Warsaw to the port city of Gdańsk -- more than 400 km away. We are travelling by train to attend the meetings called Days in the Diocese.

From Days in the Diocese page of the WYD 2016 Krakow website:
In the days preceding World Youth Day, Days in the Diocese provides a wonderful opportunity for the young pilgrims to become more familiar with local parishes, their people, and the country’s culture. By praying and volunteering with the people of the parishes, the youth naturally will experience enrichment of faith and cultural interchange.
Time spent during Days in the Diocese includes moments of prayer and meditation, direct involvement in Christian missionary work, specific service projects, and intercultural exchange with people from the home country of Poland, as well as with fellow pilgrims from around the world.
We will be meeting our host families after arriving. They have graciously agreed to host us for five days.

See you in Gdańsk!

Gdańsk flag.

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