Friday, July 29, 2016

WYD Trek: TNG -- Day 11

Popes and trains

Pilgrims from all over the world celebrate the arrival of Pope Francis in
Krakow, Poland July 29.

"The pope is here! The pope is here!" the cries of jubilation filled the crowded streets of Krakow.

Today pilgrims from the world over witnessed Pope Francis in his full physical glory.

Energy levels were high as several representatives from around the world performed their unique styles of dance for the Holy Father.

Despite a light rain washing over the fields, when the pope arrived, as if by a small miracle, the skies cleared.

Pope Francis gave an address to all the pilgrims attending, saying youth around the world should seek to give and find God's mercy. As in typical Pope Francis fashion, he delivered several lines clearly off the written script.

We could not work the small radio with us, so we relied on Father Richard Au's translation of the Pope's Italian.

After the address, our group linked arms to fight through the wave of humans exiting the area. Despite a few mishaps, we arrived together at the train station.

More "fun" events awaited us there. The train broke down, jam packed with travelers, for at least 20 minutes. The air was stifling, though spirits remained fairly high with good-natured complaints and singing all around.

Finally we reached our train station, managing to find an end to this tiresome day. Hopefully tonight's rest will invigorate us all for tomorrow's Stations of the Cross!

God bless.

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