Monday, July 18, 2016

WYD Trek: TNG -- Day 0

Youth embark on pilgrimage to World Youth Day in Poland
By Josh Tng

Josh Tng (back row, left) and other World Youth Day pilgrims from Vancouver gather for a photo
before embarking on their journey to Poland July 17.

World Youth Day: a spiritual frontier.

This blog will document the voyages of Joshua Tng. My mission for this travel blog: to explore Europe, to seek out deeper faith and prayer, and to boldly go where many pilgrims will go as well.

As I write this, my group is at the Vancouver airport. We will be flying to London, before heading to Poland. I will attempt to add updates daily after we arrive.

Please pray for us and all the pilgrims from Vancouver, and from around the world, as we participate in the 31st World Youth Day.

Visit this link for Papal World Youth Day messages.

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