Thursday, June 2, 2016

Former Conservative MP tours west coast

Stephen Woodworth hopes to expand Democracy Defense Initiative
Stephen Woodworth speaks at Christ the Redeemer Parish hall June 1.
He was the MP for Kitchener Centre in Ontario, and now he's on another mission. Stephen Woodworth is on tour to promote the Democracy Defense Initiative.
"We have entered a new era in Canada when fundamental freedoms, which our ancestors defended with their lives, are under attack by civil authorities," he said.

"As someone who grew up within memory of Nazi tyranny, and in the shadow of the totalitarian Soviet Union, where civil authorities penalized the free practice of religion, ordered citizens to ignore their consciences, invented facts, and ruthlessly shut down opposition voices, I want Canadians to know that the undeclared war on democracy in Canada today threatens not just its immediate victims, but each and every one of us."
Woodworth spoke at Christ the Redeemer Parish hall in West Vancouver yesterday, raising issues including abortion, assisted suicide, and Trinity Western University's fight to open a law school.

In the last two weeks, he's spoken to groups in Langley, Prince George, Vanderhof, Telkwa, Terrace, and Vancouver. His next, and last stop before crossing into Alberta, will be in Abbotsford, in the Magnolia Room of the Garden Park Tower, 2825 Clearbrook Road.

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  1. This man is one of my heroes. Unfortunately, I am unable to hear him in person.

    THANK you for all you have done and continued good health.

    Jim C


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