Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Father Joseph Nguyen to become Bishop of Kamloops

Priest who faced imprisonment and life in refugee camp humbly accepts new role
Father Joseph Phuong Nguyen.
The right-hand man of the Archbishop of Vancouver is about to shepherd a diocese of his own.

Father Joseph Phuong Nguyen, 59, has been appointed bishop of Kamloops.
“I was really taken by surprise since I have never thought I would be a bishop,” said Father Nguyen, the vicar general and moderator for the curia in the Archdiocese of Vancouver.
The bishop-to-be was born in Vietnam in 1957, the eldest of 10 children. He entered minor seminary there at age 11, then studied philosophy and theology, hoping to become a priest.

His plans for an ordination in Vietnam were foiled when the Communist government took over all Catholic hospitals, schools, and seminaries. After being repeatedly imprisoned for instructing catechists, he boarded a boat that would secretly convey him and other passengers out of the country.

Found out more about the future bishop here!

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