Friday, May 20, 2016

Funding cuts to private schools would force them to close, says head of independent schools

Head of BC's independent schools responds to demands to cut private school funding
Private school students get less funding by the government,
says Peter Froese, the head of Federation of Independent Schools
. (Photo Credit: CSN)
School district budget problems has led critics of private schools questioning the value of spending millions of dollars to support BC's independent schools.

But the head of Federation of Independent Schools Association says it's not a time to blame private schools for funding problems.
Peter Froese addressed myths relating to the funding of independent schools in BC. The funding formula for private schools hasn't changed, despite cries that their budget has increased while public school districts are struggling. "We get roughly 50 per cent of what a public student gets for operating expenses " Froese said. "We get nothing for buildings, land or equipment. Those costs have to be borne by the supporters of independent schools."
Other misconceptions he addressed included was how as funding increases for public school students, so it also goes up for private school students. He adds that enrolment over the last ten years has increased by 18 per cent.

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