Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Emily lives!

24-year-old woman from Belgium chooses not to end her life
A recent documentary shows Emily, from Bruges, Belgium,
has chosen not to go through with her scheduled death.
In August, we brought you the story of a woman named "Laura" who was physically healthy but sought to end her life under Belgium's euthanasia laws.

She applied for euthanasia on the grounds of psychiatric suffering and got the required consent from three doctors. Then, it appears she changed her mind about the lethal injection.

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition reports that Emily (her real name) hasn't decided to die yet.
"When Dr. Proot arrived, we talked. I said calmly, 'I cannot do it.' Because the previous two weeks were relatively bearable. They were free from crises. I don't know why."
A recent documentary titled 24 & Ready to Die, by The Economist, shows Emily's story.

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