Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pro-lifer is back behind bars

Linda Gibbons arrested outside Toronto abortion clinic
Linda Gibbons stands outside the Morgentaler Clinic in Toronto before being arrested Sept. 2.
(Photo: Peter J. Thompson / National Post).
Pro-life activist and grandmother Linda Gibbons has spent 10 years and seven months in jail, and she's been arrested again. Toronto police picked her up outside a Morgentaler Clinic earlier this month.
"When the sheriff showed up Wednesday to read the paperwork aloud three times, the forbidden conduct included 'impeding, interfering with, blocking and obstructing' clinic patients; 'distracting' or 'attempting to distract' or otherwise 'interrupting' the business of the clinic; 'supporting or condoning' actions that might interrupt the business.

I think you'd be hard-pressed to conclude Gibbons did any of that."
Read the full article about the arrest by Christie Blatchford at the National Post.

The latest update from LifeSiteNews says that Gibbons has been behind bars since that arrest and her case has been deferred to Oct. 6.

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