Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Undercover investigation reveals abortion provider sells fetal body parts

Video shows conversation with Planned Parenthood director
Mike Schouten calls the practice "barbaric."
Activist Mike Schouten is calling on Canadian government to stop funding Planned Parenthood immediately amidst disturbing revelations about the U.S. abortion provider.

An undercover video taped by the Centre for Medical Progress shows Planned Parenthood Director of Medical Services Deborah Nucatola describing how she harvests body parts for sale during partial-birth abortions. Some viewers may find the video disturbing.

Mike Schouten, director of pro-life organization WeNeedALaw, calls it "barbaric."
"Clearly Planned Parenthood is not interested in helping women and their children. Killing late-term babies and condoning the sale of their body parts is sick, and a strong message needs to be sent to them as well as all Canadians that our country will not condone this evil."
Live Action News also reported this story.

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