Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer Blast for Catholic Class

Continued learning an option at local Catholic College
St. Mark's College. (Photo Credit: St. Mark's College)
A local theological college continues to offer education throughout summer vacation.

Maureen Wicken, the coordinator for St. Mark’s College, said that after a three-year hiatus, St. Mark’s is offering intellectual courses to improve one’s faith and increase knowledge.
“Participants will get a world-class opportunity right in their own back yard,” said Wicken. The courses will seek to improve both faith and reason, she continued. “Faith and Reason are like two wings of the human spirit by which it soars to the truth.
Several courses are available for the summer semester at St. Mark’s College, including Scripture, Philosophy, and Solidarity with the poor. The upcoming Synod on the Family will also be featured. These courses will help encourage the attendees to grow in faith and “grow those wings on which they can ‘soar to the truth’” themselves, Wicken stated.

“A day of study in prayer, reflection, and joining the community for fellowship,” Wicken described. “Solid information and vibrant formation will result in your transformation [of your mind and spirit].”

Instructors will include Dr. Sam Rocha, Fr. Walter Vogels and St. Mark's own, Dr. Lynda Robitaille.

Both daily and single week courses are available, and students will celebrate Morning Liturgy of the Hours and daily Mass. Email for more questions.

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