Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Canadian musician to perform praise

Summer tour to travel West

Joe Zambon performing. (Photo Credit: Joe Zambon)

A free performance from Joe Zambon, an Ontario based singer, will occur at a local church.
"Joe is a true artist. You can feel the beauty of his heart coming through the beauty of his music. And all beauty leads, if we follow it, to Beauty itself…”
-Christopher West, Author, Fill These Hearts: God, Sex, & the Universal Longing"
Zambon was born with webbed fingers. However, following a successful surgery, he took up the piano and continued on to playing guitar, using his talents to praise the Lord through his reflective folk songs. He will be performing at St. Francis of Assisi on July 14. Coming from humble roots, Zambon performs to share the word of God in both song and story. There will be a special presentation of a film by James Penco, called "Set Apart".

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