Friday, January 2, 2015

Minister for Advanced Education disappoints TWU

Amrik Virk revokes his approval for a school of law
Bruno De Vita
Two weeks before Christmas, a provincial minister's decision has put lumps of coal in the stockings of faculty and potential law students at Trinity Western University (TWU). For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

Also newly posted:

You are not 'lords of the manor'
Pope Francis gives speech during an audience to exchange Christmas greetings with members of the Roman Curia in Clementine Hall at the Vatican Dec. 22. CNS photo / Paul Haring.
Pope Francis issued a strong message to members of the curia this week, warning them against careerism and urging them to live the reality of the priesthood - as servants. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

L'Arche pageant is an Advent favourite
John Sparks plays St. Joseph, Sally Wharry plays Mary, Gabriel Mitchell is Jesus and Marilyn Mitchell is Jesus's grandmother. Ramon Gonzalez / WCR (CCN).
There were kings and angels and shepherds. Mary arrived on a donkey this year and there were spotlights on the different characters. Jeffery Fidelak was a king and arrived at the manger with a huge cardboard camel and a wide smile. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

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