Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Clowns visit Pope Francis

Holy Father calls performers 'creators of beauty'
Members of the Golden Circus perform during Pope Francis' general audience in
Paul VI hall at the Vatican Jan. 7 (Photo: Paul Haring / CNS)
Performers from the Golden Circus gave a show at Paul VI hall this morning during Pope Francis' general audience. The pope praised the performers' efforts.
"To think is the language of the mind; to love is the language of the heart; to do is the language of the hands. And all these three languages unite to make the harmony of the person. And there is beauty there... So often we forget beauty! Humanity thinks, feels, does but today it has great need of beauty."
A performer entertains Pope Francis at the Holy Father's general audience Jan. 7.
(Photo: Paul Haring / CNS)

Read a translation of his full address here.

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