Monday, March 3, 2014

Demonstrations in Venezuela continue

Catholic leaders call for peace and justice in midst of protests
Demonstrators confront police during a protest against the government of President Nicolas
Maduro in Caracas, Venezuela, Feb. 22. (Photo: Carlos Garcia Rawl / Reuters / CNS)
For almost a month, protests have been taking to the streets of Venezuelan cities, with demonstrators showing their fury over food shortages, high crime rates, high inflation, and President Nicolas Maduro's rule. The death toll is at 17; over 260 are injured.

At his general audience on Wednesday, Pope Francis urged the government and opposition leaders to come to peaceful agreement.
I sincerely hope that the violence and hostilities cease as soon as possible and that the Venezuelan people, beginning with political and institutional responsibles, endeavor to promote national reconciliation.
Bishops in the area also spoke up about the violence.
“In the name of the Lord Jesus, we call for an end to violence of all kinds — verbal, aggression, crackdowns — and we seek to show that we are ‘people of peace,’ said Bishop Mario del Valle Moronta Rodriguez of San Cristobal.

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