Monday, February 3, 2014

Physicians at Ottawa clinic refuse to prescribe contraceptives

Ottawa doctors defend conscience rights
Dr. Edmond Kyrillos distributed signed copies of this letter to patients, a
photo of which was later found on the Radical Handmaid's Facebook page.
Several doctors working at Care-Medics Medical Centres in Ottawa have been sending out letters to patients explicitly informing them that they will only provide one method of birth control: Natural Family Planning. At least three physicians have explained that they will not refer patients to other doctors for operations such as vasectomies and abortions.
The Canadian Medical Association has a policy that allows physicians to refuse to refer patients for abortions if it conflicts with their religious beliefs, but cases where physicians refuse to prescribe birth control are a grey area, said Jeff Blackmer of the CMA. “We don’t expect them to check their morals at the door; we recognize they will continue to hold personal views.”
For full story see The Ottawa Citizen website.

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    Crusade against NFP-only physicians
    "Religious beliefs should remain where they belong - in the private domain."
    Physicians who refuse to prescribe contraceptives face a difficult challenge, since aggressive contraceptive promotion has left most people unaware of alternatives. Further, the social progress of women is widely attributed to contraceptives, so that failure to provide them risks an adverse reaction. Nonetheless, based on a respectful understanding of female fertility cycles and other factors, plausible reasons can be given to justify refusal to prescribe contraceptives and recommendation of Natural Family Planning.


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