Friday, February 14, 2014

Belgian legislators extend euthanasia to children

Protesters urge King Philippe not to sign into law
Protesters in Brussels hold banners Feb. 11 against legislation authorizing
euthanasia for children. (Photo: Laurent Dubrule / CNS / Reuters)
Despite protests, lawmakers in Belgium voted yesterday to allow euthanasia for small children:
Belgian lawmakers voted by a large margin on February 13 in favour of extending the country's euthanasia law to children under 18.

86 members of the House of Representatives supported the legislation, 44 were against, and 12 abstained. The vote followed approval by the Senate last November, with 50 out of 71 senators voting in favour.

The law allows children with terminal ailments who are in great pain to request to be put to death if their parents agree and a psychiatrist or psychologist find they are conscious of what their choice signifies.
All that's needed for the law to go into effect is Belgian King Philippe's signature. Read more on that here.

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