Friday, January 10, 2014

Pope changes the rules for 'monsignor' title

Limitations might combat the temptation to careerism
Pope Francis walks in procession followed by Msgr. Peter
B. Wells at St. Peter's Basilica. (Photo: Paul Haring/CNS)
Now, diocesan priests hoping to be honoured with the title of Monsignor have to wait until they are at least 65, thanks to a change in the rules by Pope Francis.
Of the three grades of monsignor -- apostolic protonotary, honorary prelate of His Holiness and chaplain of His Holiness -- only the last will be available to diocesan priests who meet the new age requirement.

Archbishop Vigano's letter did not give a reason for the change, but Pope Francis has often warned clergy against the temptations of careerism and personal ambition.
Of course, the change is not retroactive. Current Monsignors under 65 will stay Monsignors.

Read the full story from Catholic News Service.

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