Thursday, December 5, 2013

Late Canadian Jesuit remembered in Rome

'Brilliantly clear' philosophy of Father Bernard Lonergan (1904-84) recalled
(Father Bernard Lonergan taught at the Pontifical Gregorian University. Now a conference is being held to honour him.
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An international conference recently occurred at the Pontifical Gregorian University focusing on Father Bernard Lonergan's ideas. One of the speakers was Jesuit Father Michael Paul Gallagher, a professor of theology at the Gregorian. He spoke to Vatican Radio
"I think we're confused about truth, I think if you really pushed many people would be hard-put to defend how they believe in God. 
I think we're confused about objectivity and subjectivity, Lonergan was brilliantly clear about this having gone to the foundations.
Again I think we're very confused over how to read the evil of history, what the source of healing is. Where Lonergan would see the whole of history, what he calls the dialectic of history, as suffering from this swing, this pendulum between making a bit of progress and decline, progress and then decline again ... he specifies how what we have forgotten is the third element: redemption. We have forgotten how to bring into our thinking about history, about where history is going, that God is active in this world through us." 
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