Friday, October 11, 2013

Pro-Lifer attacked by armed man

Knight of Columbus rushes to aid
Josue Gauran in K of C regalia
Josue Gauron in Knight of Columbus regalia.
"As I was crossing the street, that's when the guy saw the opportunity to attack me," said Faye Arellano.

Arellano was participating in a Life Chain event on Oct 9 in Toronto when she walked away from her group and was assaulted by a man. She was doused with water from a bottle that was then hurled at her face, grabbed by the hair, slammed to the ground, punched, and kicked. As Arellano screamed for someone to call the police, the man, identified as Michael Panagapko, pulled out a knife.

She credits 60-year-old Knight of Columbus Josue Gauron as the man who came to her rescue. While preparing to take a photo of his brother knights he heard shouting and saw Arellano thrown to the ground.

"My only thought was to keep the woman free from the man's reach," Gauron said.

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