Friday, October 25, 2013

Feminists lack fight

Brother Ivo claims activists fight like girls regarding sex-selective abortion

Feminists are called out by Brother Ivo for turning a blind eye to sex-selective abortion. Photo: Archbishop Cranmer blog.

A blog created by someone writing with the pseudonym Archbishop Cranmer, included a statement from Brother Ivo discussing feminists in Britain and their failure to deal with the presence of sex-selective abortion.

In the statement, Brother Ivo outlines the current practices of sex-selective abortion, or having an abortion based on the gender of the child.

He also brings to light the fact that many mothers are forced or pressured into having an abortion because the child is a female.

This issue is one that is not being fought by feminist activists in Britain, which does not sit well with Brother Ivo. Whether it be cultural or because of lack of rights, Brother Ivo makes clear that sex-selective abortion is alive in our world today.

He calls the lack of protest from many feminists across Britain "absurd."

"British feminists may talk a good fight - but when it comes down to it, they fight like girls."

Link to the full story.

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