Monday, October 7, 2013

Blogger tries to make sense of Tina Fey

Vice president of New Wave Feminists frustrated by 'fauxminists'
While Tina is a role model for women in so many ways, she is a "fauxminist," claims blogger Kristen Walker Hatten of New Wave Feminists.
I don’t know if she intended to make my head explode from the combustive combination of irony and hypocrisy, but it did. It exploded.
Hatten expresses her disappointment over the promises of "fauxminism" or radical feminism, where women are allowed to be just as bad as men instead of demanding respect for her femininity. 

In particular, Hatten calls into question the character Fey espouses in her hit “30 Rock,” where the fauxminist lifestyle leads to unfulfilled hopes. A relatable and funny part of the small screen story line, but as Hatten points out, also a hard-hitting reality for many women.

Tackling Fey’s comments on abortion, Hatten examines the contradictions in very common pro-abortion arguments.

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