Monday, September 23, 2013

Priorities and goals, moving forward

Infrastructure renewal planning to be complete by Nov. 30, 2015

Earthquake victims buy groceries at an improvised store after an earthquake. CNS photo / Eduardo Munoz, Reuters.
Here is an update by Dan Moric on what parishes in this archdiocese are doing to improve their earthquake preparedness.
The completion of a formal "Campus Master Plan" is the primary mechanism by which a parish and/or regional high school will demonstrate completion of planning for "Infrastructure Renewal by Nov. 30, 2015."

At the time of writing, 23 parishes and/or regional schools have been in contact with the Project Management Office to initiate this process. These 23 are in various stages of completion: three have effectively completed the process, four are approaching completion, and 16 are in beginning stages.

All parishes will move forward with this task at a rate that allows for completion by November 2015. 
The full story on The B.C. Catholic website can be viewed here.

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