Tuesday, September 3, 2013

In Memoriam

Downtown Eastside sister dead at 89
About 150 people gathered in St. Paul's Church to celebrate the life of Sister Elizabeth Kelliher, SA.  Sister Marianne Rohrer, SA, shared her memories of the late nun, who worked tirelessly in the Downtown Eastside. "She used the gift of her voice to speak against the deplorable conditions in which the homeless live," Sister Rohrer said. For more photos see The B.C. Catholic website.

Other stories recently posted to the site include the following:

Retired nurse sends aid to Africa

A curious 1997 trip to Medjugorje for Regina's Cathleen Devraj has led to what might be described as a private Ugandan aid program, including at least two pig farms, a small banana plantation, renting acreage to grow maize and beans, malarial mosquito netting and plans for the construction of a school. She related the story in an interview with the Prairie Messenger. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

No real cooperation from women's religious group, author says

Despite a shift in tone, virtually no progress has been made toward the Vatican's goals for the reform of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, says an author who has closely followed the group. For full story see The B.C. Catholic website.

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