Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Archdiocese to take up second collection for Syria

Middle Eastern nation 'starting its descent into hell' 

Free Syrian Army fighters drive a captured Syrian military tank in Khanasir Aug. 29.
(Photo credit: Catholic News Service)
In response to the bloody civil war in Syria and amid heightened conflicts across Egypt, the Archdiocese of Vancouver has announced a second collection for Sept. 14 and 15 in all parishes.

Evelyn Vollet, the director of the Office of Service and Justice of the Archdiocese of Vancouver, confirmed monies raised through the second collection would go to the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace and onwards to help "refugee brothers and sisters in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey."

In Vatican City, Pope Francis commented on the worsening Syrian situation Aug. 25:

"The proliferation of massacres and atrocities that we all have been able to see in the terrible images of these days leads me once again to raise my voice that the clatter of arms may cease."

Archbishop Mario Zenari, the apostolic nuncio to Syria, said on Vatican Radio during the past 12 months, he has had the "impression that Syria was starting its descent into hell."

"We are wondering whether we have reached the bottom of this abyss."

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