Friday, August 23, 2013

Pope Francis to announce canonization date in September

John Paul II and John XXIII likely to be saints in 2014
Pope Francis will meet with cardinals next month to formally approve the
canonization of two late popes, Blesseds John Paul II and John XXIII. (Photo: CNS)

Catholics eagerly watching the steps to canonization of Blesseds John Paul II and John XXIII will soon find out the official date the Church will declare them saints. Pope Francis and a group of cardinals will meet on Sept. 30 to finalize those plans and announce them to the world.
Cardinal Angelo Amato told Vatican Radio Aug. 20 that only Pope Francis knows for sure the date he will proclaim the two popes saints, although he already implied that it is likely to be in 2014.

Speaking to reporters traveling with him from Brazil to Rome July 28, Pope Francis said he had been considering Dec. 8, but the possibility of icy roads could make it difficult for Polish pilgrims who would travel by bus to Rome for the ceremony.

Another option, he said, would be April 27, which is the Sunday after Easter and the celebration of Divine Mercy Sunday, a celebration instituted worldwide by Pope John Paul.
For more on this story, see the Catholic News Service website.

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