Monday, July 8, 2013

Petition calls for Blessed John Paul II Day

Minister of Immigration garners support for Bill C-266
Pope John Paul II (now Blessed) speaks at a 1987 teleconference. The pontiff is approved for canonization and may also be celebrated in Canada by "Pope John Paul II Day" if Bill C-266 passes. (Photo: CNS)
An act to mark April 2 as Pope John Paul II Day in Canada passed the House of Commons June 12 and will now be considered by the Senate. Honourable Jason Kenney urges Canadians to show their support of the bill through an online petition.
Blessed Pope John Paul II was a champion of freedom in the face of tyranny and promoted universal values of human rights and democracy. He was an inspiration to many and it is unfortunate that nearly half of the NDP Caucus, including their leader, voted against this bill to honour a modern day hero.
He states that Blessed Pope John Paul II was "not only a religious figure, but also a profoundly important civic leader who built lasting relationships with other faith groups."

The Vatican recently announced that the famous pope is approved for canonization. No date has been set for that celebration.

Kenney's petition can be found here.

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