Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Former NHL referee laces up in Rome

Kerry Fraser puts away whistle, discovers Vatican City
Kerry Fraser, who holds the NHL record for most games called, is vacationing in the Eternal City.
(@kfraserthecall / Kerry Fraser's Twitter Feed)
Toronto Maple Leaf fans still heartbroken from their team's 1993 playoff run take note: former NHL referee Kerry Fraser is a convert to Catholicism and far away from Maple Leaf Gardens.

With the hockey season over, he's brought his laconic wit to Twitter with this comment from the Roman Colosseum:
"Glad I didn't work in original Le Colisée! Legend has it they were a tough crowd?"

(For younger fans of the frozen game: before the Quebec City franchise moved to Colorado in 1995, "les Nords" or Nordiques, used to play in Le Colisée.)

"Burnaby Joe" Sakic, in an undated photo, waits to take a face-off as Nordiques captain.

Follow Kerry Fraser's trip through Rome and Vatican City through the B.C. Catholic Twitter account: @BCCatholic.

And read an article that explains why the ref converted to Catholicism here.

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