Monday, June 10, 2013

Pope Francis explains the strength of God's love

God shows His love with closeness and tenderness

Pope Francis says that closeness is the relationship we have with Jesus, Who is physically present to watch over us; tenderness is Jesus caring and looking after our well-being. Together, closeness and tenderness reveal the strength of God's love. According to Pope Francis, both closeness and tenderness are the pillars that represent God's relationship with us. Vatican Radio reports:

It's harder to open our hearts and let God love us than to love God in return. But the only way to really love Him is to love others, especially the poor. God is an expert in the science of tenderness, and we should allow ourselves to be loved by Him. This was Pope Francis's message at morning Mass Friday on the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Pope Francis said:

"A God who draws near out of love, walks with His people – and this walk comes to an unimaginable point – we could never have imagined that the same Lord would become one of us and walk with us, be present with us, present in His Church, present in the Eucharist, present in His Word, present in the poor. He is present, walking with us. And this is closeness: the shepherd close to His flock, close to His sheep, whom He knows, one by one."

Full story available here.

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