Wednesday, June 12, 2013

LifeCanada launches 2013 campaign

Refurbished website yields new statistics and witness accounts
The banner for LifeCanada's 2013 campaign.
LifeCanada's new campaign for 2013 is spearheaded by the re-launch of the website,

LifeCanada states the website "is one of the most comprehensive sites covering almost every aspect of abortion, including funding, methods, public opinion, and statistics. It has become a top hit for searches on abortion, garnering some 150,000 unique visitors every year."

The website, rechristened on May 9, now features updated statistics on abortion, witness accounts (with accompanying videos), and more.

“LifeCanada has chosen to use this already well-visited site as an outreach to women who might be in a state of indecision about their pregnancies,” said Natalie Sonnen, the executive director of LifeCanada, in a press release. “Apart from the current and accurate statistical information that we present, we also felt the need to reach these women with messages of hope. It is not easy to find positive messages in a culture that so readily promotes abortion as the only option for women experiencing unplanned pregnancies.”

The new campaign's theme is "You'll never regret loving this much." 

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