Monday, June 3, 2013

Ancient art form called 'Scripture in paint'

Iconographer visualizes stories of saints
Teresa Foley writes detail on her icon of the Mother of God of the Sign at the home of iconographer Veronica Royal. CNS / Nancy Phelan Wiechec.

Betty Ellen Walter wrote an interesting story for CNS on iconographer Veronica Royal. Iconography is the visual images or symbols that represent the story of a person or movement. Royal often writes icons of saints who are not very well known or popular. She has received many commissions for her talent.

ANNANDALE, Va. (CNS) -- Veronica "Ronnie" Royal of Virginia has been an iconographer since 1998, working diligently to hone her craft and encourage the use of icons in contemplation and prayer.

Born in Nancy, France, she was raised in the Ukrainian Catholic Church by her Russian mother and Ukranian father. Icons were very much a part of her church and family life.

She is often commissioned to paint saints who are not particularly popular or are obscure, like St. Andrew Kim Taegon, namesake of a couple's adopted son. His grandmother commissioned Royal to paint the icon as a gift to her son and daughter-in-law in celebration of their new child, Taegon.

"You have to remember that the Church continues to declare saints, and yet iconography originated from the early Church," Royal said. "So there is a place for present-day iconographers to bring Catholic saints to life through this ancient tradition."

Full story here.

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