Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pro-life cause continues to advance

Director optimistic about outcomes of Motion 408
Conservative MP Mark Warawa speaks at the March for Life in Ottawa this year. His
motion against sex-selective abortion was deemed non-votable in March. (Photo: CCN)
Motion 408, Mark Warawa's non-binding motion against sex-selective abortion, was struck down by a House of Commons sub-committee in March. The MP decided to introduce a new bill rather than appeal the decision.

But Mark Penninga, the executive director of the Association for Reformed Political Action, does not see this as a loss for the pro-life movement.
Our immediate reaction may be disappointment. What good did all of our petitions and letters do if the motion never even came to a vote, let alone passed? But step back, look at the facts, and be encouraged. Motion 408 has had a momentous impact on advancing pre-born human rights in this nation.
Penninga gives six effects of the motion that, he believes, should leave supporters optimistic. Read the full blog post on here.

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