Thursday, April 11, 2013

Survival of Catholic education system depends on teachers

Ontario priest sees lack of courageous educators
Father Ricard spoke to a group of educators April 3 in Ontario.
“The biggest threat is a lack of courageous teachers, of faith-filled,
courageous teachers that are willing to stand up on behalf of the children
and say what needs to be said,” he urged. (Photo submitted)
In a presentation on Catholic education, Father Tony Ricard expressed the importance of providing a faith-filled environment for children. The Catholic Register reports:
“God has put those teachers in those classrooms for a very specific reason,” said Father Ricard.

“If we stand aside and knowingly allow someone to hurt the faith development of a child because they are dealing with their own issues I fully believe that we are going to have to account for that when we get to the kingdom of heaven.”

Father Ricard believes harm to faith development occurs through oppression of expression, lack of engagement and the rejection of exploratory questions. He said the root cause of this is fear of straying from what is considered politically correct by the secular masses.
For full story, see The B.C. Catholic website.

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