Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rugged Oblate: Go north, young man!

Bishop O'Grady transformed Prince George via the Frontier Apostolate
Bishop Fergus O'Grady at O'Grady Catholic High School in Prince George in 1990. The Oblate led the diocese for 30 years, from 1956 to 1986. 
BCC File Photo.
How did the creation of the Diocese of Prince George come about? Today's Catholics should thank one prelate above all else: Bishop Fergus O'Grady, OMI.

Born John Fergus O'Grady, he was monumental in spreading the Catholic faith throughout British Columbia, and in particular among natives in Northern B.C.

Appointed the first Bishop of Prince George in 1956, the Oblate introduced a system of education that was designed to integrate native children within the contemporary school system, and he established more than a dozen elementary and secondary schools.

To build the schools, he set up a construction company that included a glass factory, a sash and door factory, a cement block factory, and a trucking and bulldozing firm.

Take a trip back in time here.

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