Monday, March 4, 2013

Parliamentarians honour legacy of Shahbaz Bhatti

Pakistani Minorities Minister fought for religious freedom
Pakistani Minorities Minister Shahbaz Bhatti in Ottawa in
Feb. 2011, weeks before he was assassinated. Bhatti was the
only Catholic in the Pakistani cabinet. (Photo: CCN)
Members of Parliament and Senators honoured Shahbaz Bhatti with a memorial Feb. 28. The Pakistani Minorities Minister faced death threats and was martyred two years ago.
“Shahbaz Bhatti died at the hands of wicked men who hated his Christian faith, and hated him for fighting for religious freedom,” Father Raymond De Souza told the memorial gathering. “He is a martyr for Jesus Christ, a martyr for liberty, and a martyr for his homeland, for Pakistan.”
Father De Souza recalled the words of Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus, who said only days after Bhatti’s assassination his prayer that “the moving sacrifice of the life of the Pakistani minister Shahbaz Bhatti may arouse in people’s consciences the courage and commitment to defend the religious freedom of all men and, in this way, to promote their equal dignity."
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